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Numerology Forecast for March 2014: Try Something Different

By Nam Hari

The month of March is a time of processing the emotional intensity of the past two months, and letting go of the excess baggage. “Travel light and be the Light” is the way to smoothly navigate the rough and tumble energy of 2014. You will not be able to keep your head above water if your emotional boundaries are weak, so if a situation becomes too intense, just bless that person and move on.

Pacing Yourself with Sat Kriya

We are on another wave of creative as well as chaotic energy this month, and as I have mentioned in previous forecasts, you must pace yourself this year. We are just getting started and already the weather phenomenon has been off the charts in many areas of the world. This affects us at a very primal level, particularly in the areas of survival and emotional equilibrium.

March is a time to re-set our spiritual foundation for the year, and your best friend at this time is 11 minutes of Sat Kriya a day (yogic exercise). If you can’t do 11 minutes then at least do 5 minutes, as this is the compromise time. When this kriya is faithfully practiced you will be able to perceive where you can successfully project your energy, or where it will go to waste. Very good to know!

Spring Fever

March is also a time of great emotional longing. There is a strong “Spring Fever” spirit swirling through the air, and this will have many people feeling, “Where are you?” Curiously enough, this wave of wanting love and companionship will especially be affecting the men on the planet (what can I say, it’s by the numbers). So, all you young (at heart) Yogic Buckaroos out there, here’s a good piece of advice from someone who knows what he’s talking about. Check out the video “You Gonna Fly” by Keith Urban if you would like a few pointers on how to charm the lady of your dreams. He so brilliantly sings, “You could be a songbird from New Orleans, just a’scared to fly just scared to sing, but you better believe, you gonna fly with me!” I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so many happy women cheering as there are in this video. Yeah, howdy!

Try a Something Different

The number 3 of March represents the themes of creativity, confidence, and a willingness to try a new approach to the issues we are feeling frustrated with in our lives. Accept a personal challenge this month and say, “I’m going to try something different than my usual routine.” This change of “routine” can also be in how you react to or engage with people and situations. Are you angry because your child won’t listen to you? Be creative and try a “trading places” day where you pretend to be the child and he/she is the adult. Blend a good dose of humor into this scenario, and see how your child may begin to respond differently to you. With children, it’s all about being creative.

As we allow ourselves to break free of what I call the “sameness of life,” there is a real element of luck that will appear to partner with us in our positive intention. It’s by the numbers, and it’s real. The Heart number for March is an 8, and number 8 represents the themes of energy, healing, and using our personal power to create good in the world.

As a footnote to this, we must also be aware of people who have a less than elevated approach to the concept of power, as some folks will be behaving in a bossy and aggressive manner. “Because I said so!” will be part of the underlying agenda at play in the emotional undercurrents of March. As I have mentioned earlier, if you are doing Sat Kriya you will be able to dodge this badass bullet. Did I really say that?

Personal Power, Neutral Mind, Ginger Tea

Exploring further the concept of power (since everyone wants more), it is important to realize that the only real power we have is in our ability to maintain the Neutral Mind. The Neutral Mind is the balance point of the 3 minds: Positive, Negative, and Neutral.

It is the “checkpoint,” where we can catch ourselves before saying or engaging in a wrong word or activity. This act of self-awareness can save your grace, and even your life.

As an intention of support for your Soul’s journey through 2014, when you feel stressed or challenged by a person or the surroundings, ask yourself the question, “Are my words and actions elevating myself and the environment, or not?” This simple touchstone checkpoint can save you from a host of headaches. Speaking of headaches, which many people are getting, try drinking fresh ginger tea. Ginger is good for the nervous system, as well as circulation, according to Ayurvedic science.

March is your time for expansion and growth, and if you keep your yogic ducks in a row, everything will grow, and blossom ever so beautifully for you. Sat Nam.

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