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Numerology for February 2021: Balance, Exercise, and Rest

By Nam Hari

Here we are, already into the second month of 2021, and who could have imagined the acceleration of conflict and duality on the planet? The number 2 of February highlights the themes of relationships, polarity, and a reactive sensitivity to feeling misunderstood. There are no easy answers to any of this, and at the same time there is a way to create a path for yourself that has an easier flow to breathe and move through.

The motto of the month could be, “Don’t react—reflect and redirect.” Many people will be coming from an emotional place of childhood wounding, and if you let yourself get entangled within their fishnet of unresolved trauma, it will be draining and unproductive.

So what to do? Just abandon anyone having a hard time? No, certainly not, and here is where you can now become a teacher in the Aquarian Age transition.

We’re skipping right ahead to the good stuff here, which is the “Meditation to Release Childhood Trauma.” This meditation is not only for adults; it is very specifically for children at this time. We have no idea what the long-term effects will be on the psyche of humanity in regards to the pandemic, and the children on planet Earth need to have tools to navigate this extraordinary time. This meditation is exceptionally well explained by the teacher in the video, and you can sit with your child for at least 3 minutes a day to practice.

The number 2 of February has a lot to do with balance, as in balancing ourselves first before expecting someone else to listen and take in what we have to say. This is oh-so-important as the Heart number for February is a 5 (Heart is month of 2 + Gift of 3 = 5), and when feeling worked-up, number 5 can pack a punch! Heart of 5 being coupled with number 5 as the overall number for 2021 will create moments of “energy surges” that will set some people off. The dates of the 5th, 14th, and 23rd have an extra volatility to them, so save the big conference call for another time.

Exercise is a big part of the solution to maintaining yourself now, as number 5 is the physical body and our ability to release frustration through breath and movement. Youtube, my personal best friend, is chock full of many creative exercise systems. Whether you choose the 5 Tibetan Rites, Exercise for Beginners, or Rock’in Rumba Workout!, pick something to spice up your day a bit.

Number 5 additionally represents the themes of flexibility, tolerance, and endurance. Everyone’s endurance is being tested, and no one is enjoying whatever level of restriction is in place in your area. The pent-up anger created by the loss of freedom affects the heart, so here is a very simple exercise you can practice to help release the frustration.

Get a couple of big pillows or sofa cushions, and sitting on the floor, stack them in front of you. Then make your hands into fists and begin pounding down hard on the cushions saying/screaming, “It’s not fair, I’m just so angry, it’s not fair!” This is a really good therapy release, as it allows the Heart meridian and lungs to expel tension. Your neighbors may hear you, and you can share the technique with them, making for a happier neighborhood.

Speaking of neighbors, there is a wonderful expression, “Make bridges, not fences.” In our modern times we don’t always know our neighbors, and this is an unfortunate outcome of the loss of village life as we once knew it. Sometimes it’s worth the risk of being the brave one, so here’s an idea. Take a moment to sit down and write a simple note to a neighbor saying, “Hi, I’m June, your neighbor in the green house next door. I hope you’re doing well, and if you’d ever like to chat for a minute by our fence line I’ll bring the chocolate chip cookies! We’re all in this together, and just wanted you to know that somebody close by cares.”

Can you even image how blown away you would be if you got this kind of communication from someone near you?

The number 2 represents the “Longing to Belong,” and that sense of longing for community and connectivity is at an all-time high. The internet can only provide so much, but two people sitting on a picnic blanket 6 feet apart allows for a more human exchange.

Now for the final part of our numerology trifecta, the number 7 in the Base calculation (Base is month of 2 + year of 5 =7). The Base is exactly what it sounds like, a base of support for our projective psyche. The number 7 embodies the themes of personal space, rest, music, meditation, and the Water Element. There will be moments that your Soul will be telling you, “Stop, take a break, it can wait till tomorrow.” Listen to this, as timing is everything throughout February. Give yourself, as well as other people, the time and space to make decisions.

This is important, as more information will be coming to light after the 22nd, so don’t set things in stone that might need to be resurfaced later. Remember, discretion is the better part of valor.

We are in an accelerated stream of human evolution, and wanting to figure it all out can feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube as it bounces down a spiral staircase. You’ll exhaust yourself before you get very far. One of my favorite quotes is, “When you have done your best, await the result in peace.” A quality of the number 7 is the ability to allow the insight to come to you, and this ability is enhanced by a meditative mind.

So, in recap, the February game plan is: 2 = “I keep my balance,” 5 = “I exercise out my anger,” and 7 = “I create a soft place to rest and regroup.”

I am going to close on an interesting note with a story from the Bible. The Apostle Paul was being transported by ship across the Adriatic Sea, heading towards Rome. The ship came into a storm so fierce that the vessel could not be controlled, and it struck a sandbar shattering it into many pieces. Paul directed the 276 passengers to grab hold of the pieces of the broken ship and swim to shore, which was the island of Malta. Grabbing planks and boards, everyone found something to hold onto in the storm. Swimming to the island of Malta, all 276 members of the boat survived. Once ashore the native islanders welcomed the survivors and built a fire to keep them warm throughout the rain and cold.

Sometimes it all doesn’t play out the way you think it will; however, there is still a way. You will always be guided and given a way to stay afloat and sustain yourself, and swim to the safety of a new shore line.

May your personal Angel send you gentle whisperings of guidance, allowing for a saving grace that brings a restoration of spirit and grants a greater possibility of life. Sat Nam.

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