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3HO Letter on Investigation Findings

Dear Members of the 3HO Community,

In March of this year, an independent investigation was initiated into allegations of sexual misconduct by Yogi Bhajan. This investigation was conducted by a neutral, third-party organization called An Olive Branch, and was not managed or influenced by any of the organizations founded by Yogi Bhajan. The sole purpose of the investigation was to seek the truth. An Olive Branch has since gathered accounts from nearly 300 witnesses, maintaining the confidentiality of all, including those supporting allegations as well as those refuting them. 

In full transparency, we share this detailed report with you today. The findings are deeply disturbing and challenge many of the assumptions we carried about Yogi Bhajan. We at 3HO stand with all who are shocked and saddened by the findings of this report. We commend the courage of those who came forward and are grateful to them for bringing this truth to light. As difficult as it may be to assimilate this information, it provides an opportunity to confront the shadows of the past and to consciously serve the needs of the future.

As revealed in this report, the actions of Yogi Bhajan directly contradict his own stated values, the principles upon which this organization is founded, and the basic human right to integrity and respect. 3HO Foundation condemns these actions on the part of our founder.

Yogi Bhajan was a revered spiritual teacher and guide for countless people. His words and teachings inspired many, which makes this even more difficult and confusing to process. The techniques of Kundalini Yoga have proven profound, inspirational, and life-changing for people around the world. At the same time, the image that many held of him has been shattered, and his actions caused pain and damage for many of our brothers and sisters, spiritual family and friends. 

It will take time and work to process this challenging news and heal our collective pain. While we have put measures in place over the years to prevent and respond to abusive behavior, we remain committed to a thorough evaluation of our organizational policies and practices to ensure that our community is one where every individual feels safe, heard, and respected. 

We believe our responsibility at 3HO is to boldly confront the wrongs of the past, and to work alongside you to create a future we all can believe in. What we gain from this is the empowerment and freedom to create a new future for Kundalini Yoga, not tethered to one individual, but shaped by our collective power. 

We cannot undo the past, nor can we undo the actions of a man we trusted as a spiritual teacher and guide. We can, however, commit to transforming our organizations so that we truly embody our core values.  

No matter how flawed the personal actions of Yogi Bhajan might have been, we believe in the power of the people who practice Kundalini Yoga to bring change, healing, and a path from doubt and confusion to clarity and authentic awareness. We are here to do our part. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for being an essential and heartful part of this community. We are holding each other through this challenge, walking hand in hand toward the light of a new paradigm - one where each voice is valued for the wisdom it brings to the whole. 

Please click here to read the report in its entirety. Please be aware that the report is a difficult document to read, and contains graphic descriptions of sexual misconduct and strong language that may trigger you as a reader.  

Actions Being Taken

3HO is here to hold the space for healing and understanding, with complete respect for wherever you are in your personal process. We have scheduled a number of sessions over the coming weeks to assist us in processing difficult emotions, and centering the heart of the community that brought us together. We have planned for listening circles, Q&A sessions, and forums through which you can share your thoughts with us as we work to implement change at the systemic level. 

Visit for the most up-to-date information and schedule of events.

Information & Processing Sessions

These calls, co-hosted by 3HO and KRI, are an opportunity to hear about the report released by An Olive Branch about the allegations toward Yogi Bhajan. There will be small group shares and check-ins, a short presentation explaining the process used by An Olive Branch to determine their findings, and time for questions and answers with a panel of representatives from 3HO, KRI, and 3HO Europe. Visit to sign up for a call and see the full schedule of upcoming sessions.

Compassionate Reconciliation

Our organizations are embarking on a program of Compassionate Reconciliation based on proven principles of Restorative Justice. We are currently in the process of selecting a professional consultant to work with our global community, including reporters of harm, to design and implement such a program. 

Professional Counseling

Professional and confidential counseling has been made available to any individuals reporting harm from the reported misconduct.

Ethics and Professional Standards

We are committed to taking steps to ensure that our organization provides safe and protective environments for all community members, and responds appropriately and quickly if allegations of harm are reported.   

The Office of Ethics and Professional Standards was established in 2014 to address ethical, environmental, or professional difficulties within the Teaching Community. This office has recently engaged an external consultant to examine its policies and procedures to ensure that they are in compliance with industry best practices as EPS works to maintain the ethics and integrity of the 3HO community and Kundalini Yoga Teachers. This assessment is ongoing. 

If you have experienced misconduct by a teacher of Kundalini Yoga or are facing other ethical challenges, you can contact the 24/7 helpline below, or visit the EPS website to know your rights and receive assistance.

24/7 Helpline: 1.888.805.4888

Contact Us

If you have further questions or thoughts, you can reach us at [email protected].


3HO Foundation International