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Numerology for November 2018: Game Changer

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of November brings epic change to the planet, as well as the opportunity to re-set ourselves in preparation for the New Year. There is a super powerful healing vortex of energy present this month, and we must use this energy to our best advantage for health and cleansing.

The number 11 represents divine alignment, and wherever you feel divided in your life, now is the time to sort it out. The Angelic realms are ready to assist, as the higher forces would like you to be “Ready-Set-Go!” in December, well ahead of the New Year.

It is interesting to note that the “higher forces” will sometimes use the most subtle and sophisticated of measures to shine a light on the right path. I am going to share a personal story with you from nearly 30 years ago that perfectly illustrates this.

I was nearing the end of a six year marriage, and in spite of the great efforts made in communication, compromise, and reconciliation, it was all going down the tubes. I can recall sitting in the waiting room of my doctor’s office, just before having to go downtown to sign the divorce papers. It was a sad day. While sitting in the waiting room I picked up a copy of “Reader’s Digest,” a magazine I enjoyed reading as a child. One of my favorite sections was “Quotable Quotes,” and I immediately turned to that page.

I slowly scrolled down through the quotes, and there at the very bottom I read something that would have blown me over if I hadn’t been sitting down. The quote was: “Whenever you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.”

That was it, the story of the past six years in one line. Everything shifted at that exact moment as the Universe, and then myself, gave me permission to move forward.

This is the story of November, my friends: recognizing where the misalignment is, and correcting it. Eleven is divine alignment, and if you don’t have yourself first, you’ve got nothing else that’s gonna last.

One of the most powerful and fascinating facets of November is in its ability to reveal the multi-dimensional quality of your life’s lessons. Here is a perfect example of this. When a prism is held up to the light at just the right angle, there is a refraction of light that can be projected to a wall or surface in the room. This refraction of light, or rainbow, reveals a spectrum of colors. It will also reveal where there might be any cracks, flaws, or discoloration in the prism itself.

This month of November, because of the double 11’s present in the cycle (month=11 and overall year=11), has the effect of revealing where the hidden flaws are so they may be corrected.

You may find yourself becoming suddenly aware of coping mechanisms and emotional patterns that have been running and possibly ruining your entire life. The good news on this is that you can let it go and be done with it through your conscious choice.

Now, imagine yourself in a small rowboat, steadily rowing through the years of your life. You’ve wondered at times, “Wow, why is it so hard to row this little boat? Sometimes I just feel so tired.” One fine day you stand up and decide to reorganize your belongings, and as you do, you discover a 150 pound anchor that was hidden beneath a tarp at the back of the boat. Upon seeing the anchor you cry out, “Oh my, I’ve been rowing all this time with a 150 pound dead weight on board!” And the recognition of how much energy you’ve lost through this suddenly sinks in.

November is a time of liberation through awareness. Once you’re aware, you can change the game. We are in a “game changing” season of time, and the odds are very much tipped in your favor for a personal breakthrough.

What will help to heal any fracture that may exist in your mental prism is the “Hast Kriya: Earth to Heavens.” Yogi Bhajan has said of this practice, “Power will descend from above and clean you out.”

Eleven is the archetype of the Lighthouse, the steady presence of illumination given so that others may find their way. What is interesting to note about Lighthouses is that they never exist in an easy environment. They are always on the edge, near the crashing waves and ever-changing elements of nature. The storms and high winds come, yet the Lighthouse stands ever-steady at the edge of the chaos, shining its light so all may safely find their way home.

We are that light, and we are the prayer of Humanity realized through our presence and gracious glance. By dwelling in a simple steadiness we are now effecting a powerful change at a pivotal point in human evolution. Recognize how precious you are, and know that the prayers of the Angels are holding you ever so dearly at this time. Sat Nam.

“The biggest disease on this planet is self-stress. And that is the biggest handicap, folks. You must understand, there’s nothing more precious than self-healing.”
-Yogi Bhajan

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