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The Difference Between Piscean and Aquarian Prayer

Prayer in the Aquarian Age is different from what most of us have been taught. Aligning with the Infinite, which happens when we practice Kundalini Yoga regularly, is key.  These lists show how praying Aquarian style and Piscean style compare and contrast:

Prayer in the Piscean Age

Ask somebody higher to come in 

God is separate from you   

Fear of the unknown 

Viewed as religious action, ritualistic

The Known and Unknown are separate

Desire an outcome   

Prayer from the head: thought, space and time    

Praying to an outside force   

Pray out of desperation or insecurity 

Pray from inside you to outside of you   

Pray only when in trouble 

Begging/asking distant diety        

Prayer in the Aquarian Age

Tap into your own unknown

No separation between the Infinite, God and self

Intunement with self and Unknown

Desire to be desireless

Prayer from the heart:  timeless, spaceless, effective

Prayer is the ray of the soul

The known and unknown are united in the Oneness of the Self

God is not outside or inside me, God is me

Prayer is an attitude

No separation between self and Infinity

Conscious intunement with the Unknown

Soul is always present and knows

Create by intention

Love of the unknown

Prayer opens the heart to Infinity

The power of the Word moves the Universe

Call on your unknown

Prayer is living in gratitude

Head bows, heart prays

Prayer is beyond time & space

Call on your own higher self

Ask the Infinite to come through for the finite

Prayer is sending the vibration out

Call on yourself, be yourself, and vibrate