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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: On Astrology and Numerology

Excerpts from a lecture given on 7/15/81 at Women’s Camp in Espanola, NM

I have been bestowed with the responsibility to create a nation of people who are graceful, who are truthful, who are together, who are disciplined. I have to do it. So if you love me or you hate me, come along, we will take care of it. Because truth knows no defeat, and that's all life is about. Ultimately you have to understand that life is based on one line only: “In God I dwell.” If you believe in that, there is nothing but happiness.

If you can learn Dharma then your karmas will all be eliminated. And once your karmas get eliminated, you will be redeemed to be free, liberated. And this is the desire of every teacher, guide, and rabbi: that he should guide his people's behavior in utmost devotion. So when they come with an offering, it should be real.

Once everyone went before a God's statue, and offered gold and jewelry but nothing happened. But when a devotee of God brought a flower, the hand of God on the statue moved and picked up the flower. Devotion is a very powerful thing. Devotion is an essence of life. If you want to experience what life is, what it was, or what it shall be, then you have to totally, deeply understand the law of devotion.


Leo doesn't have an ego,

Virgo does not criticize,

Aries can rest,

Capricorn can accommodate somebody,

Pisces don't kill themselves with work,

Libras can once in a while stabilize their situation,

Geminis do not think six times in one moment,

Taurus doesn't become insecure,

Cancers do not cry,

Scorpios do not mess up their life through their second chakra,

Aquarians do not cry unnecessarily without foundation,

Sagittarians do not put their own foot in their mouth,

Then the world will be a heaven.

If Leos do not do some weird things in a month, they think they have lost their identity.

And if Cancer does not make some excuse for some medical purposes, they think they have lost their identity, too.

If Gemini's do not worry, they think the heavens have fallen apart.

And if Virgo can relax and not criticize, they think they do not exist.

And if Aries do not push, forget it.

And if a Capricorn can agree and not hide herself or himself, the zodiac is not true.

And if Sagittarians do not try to hurt themselves, they must be all totally angels.

If Librans do not fluctuate—I promise you ‘but;’ Librans are nothing but Mr. & Ms. But.

Taurus's do not create lot of dust clouds, they have no charm in life. Very dramatic, “I am going to kill you!”

Scorpios are Scorpios. But Scorpio is a double sign, it has eagle in it. When they are high and they fly there is nothing to touch them. But when they are on the ground, oh God, you know—at least when a snake bites you, it kills you. When a scorpion bites you, it neither kills you nor lets you live.

Mankind took many years to find their animal nature. And they found it by the birth sign. The idea to give you a birth sign was that this is your animal nature: overcome it. Human nature is to overcome the animal nature.

When I knew I was a Virgo, and the cusp of Leo, I was very worried. And then I decided to overcome it. Now criticism is my nature. Analyzing anything is my faculty. And to do what I have to do is my personality. That's what that cusp is, 26th of August. And God is my totality.

One is He.

Two is longing.

Three is half devil, half divine.

Four is cup of prayer.

Five is half of balance.

Six is man in prayer.

Seven is platform of levitation.

Eight is infinity.

Nine is God in blessing.

Zero is salvation.

I am 8-8-11, 26th of August 1929. Two + nine (29) equals eleven, the unchangeable number. You know how I changed my destiny? When I want to criticize somebody I do it through humor.

Absolute power is when you have absolute command; absolute command in polarity must have absolute obedience. That's why every pet becomes the master and every master becomes the pet. The idea is in absolute love. Absolute love means absolute trust, absolute trust means absolute obedience, absolute obedience means absolute command, absolute command means absolute love. Circle is complete.

The Numerology system is so you can know a person in a couple minutes.

The day’s date is the root. The month is the trunk. The year is the destiny.

1 is He, he means God, and one is God. So they said one is He.

2 is longing; longing to belong.

3 is half devil, half divine because when you cut eight in half lengthwise, it ends up in two threes.

4 is cup of prayer.

5 is half of balance, Libra.

6 is man in prayer.

7 is platform of levitation.

8 is infinity.

9 is God in blessing.

0 is infinity. Eight is infinity because there are two zeros, one over the other.

11 is the only unchangeable number. Eleven never changes. Eleven cannot be plussed. One + one in eleven doesn't make 2. Eleven remains eleven. Eleven means you cannot even be changed by God, period. It is a given set destiny.

Mine is 11/12 because when you add 1+9+2+9 in nineteen twenty-nine, it comes to 11. Nineteen is 1+9 =10, and ten is 1+0 = 1. So when 11 is added to 1, it becomes 12. So under 11 comes 12: 11/12. Twelve is 1+2 which is 3. So my destiny number is 11/3. It means it's a set work that Yogi Bhajan will deal with devilish natures and devils and idiots and make them divine, because 3 is half devil, half divine. So this is my job. I didn't make it.

Twenty-two becomes 4, thirty-three becomes 6, forty-four becomes 8 but eleven never changes.

The process is first is the day’s date, date is your root. All right, give me a paper and pencil. Okay, say a date.

8-11-52 where 8 is the day, 11 is the month, and 1952 is the year. 8/11, 7/8. Beautiful. Now listen to this. Eight is the date root, eleven is the trunk, seven is the destiny, eight is the performance on the earth. So that means the person is infinite, his character, his life, his destiny, his way of life—everything is unchangeable, it is set. Seven means platform of levitation; in higher consciousness this person will be happy; in lower consciousness this person will be miserable. And eight means infinity; all actions ultimately must direct towards God, otherwise there is nothing but misery. Whose is this?

Yours? Good. That's how you read it. One more.

Student: 17-11-49.

Yogi Bhajan: It is 8/11, 4/5. Eight is infinity, root is very divine; circumstances are very divine. Eleven is the life and is set towards godliness. The problem is that it can only be achieved by prayer (4). Five means the person has to keep balance on this earth. Don't lose your head and heart both, keep going, that's it.

This numerology is so simple that if you know how to calculate it, you don't have to go through psychoanalysis and you can just simply write it down and know it and work it out.

Student: What is meant by cup of prayer?

Yogi Bhajan: Cup of prayer means your cup is empty, and with a prayer you can fill it. That's called cup of prayer.

Student: Do you use numerology in determining spiritual names?

Yogi Bhajan: Yes. We pick up your name by destiny and we use the numerology in the system. And we use the Shabad Guru. I meditate and take a hokum. I use the first line and the destiny number to determine the meaningful destiny name from that.

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