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Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Mother Earth

“The Universe is asking you to confirm with yourself whether you would like to serve the Earth, to save the Earth, be the sage of the Earth.”

“Earth—the Sustainer, the mother of you, which nurtures you—can you serve it back?”

“Let us accept Mother Earth as our real mother. She needs our help, respect, and understanding. May we learn to serve and protect our Mother Earth with an open heart.”

“Mentally look around you. Tune into the aura and feel that you are part of Mother Nature as a being. Feel that you are a star in the vastness and the beauty of the blue sky. Perceive your own radiance.”

"All the wealth of America will only be available in zoos and in museums. What we have done to this land in two hundred years, God bless us! If we would have been wise to start with, we would have had at least twenty thousand years safe, clear and enjoyable. We have polluted our rivers, polluted our mountains, depleted our forests, polluted our beaches. We have the smoggiest cities. We take a lot of vitamins we can't digest. We eat a lot of food which we cannot poop. We drink water which gives us sickness, and we have done it all in two centuries."

“Just imagine that Mother Earth is a woman. What have we done to it?”

“Your real mother is Mother Earth, and she is actually controlling your electromagnetic field.”  

“You have to start your thoughts like this: “I come from the Heavenly Father to be on Mother Earth. She will nurture me and nurse me if only I ask.” 

When God made you, he made the entire environment, right? You as you alone cannot exist. You and the environment are no different.”

“The Mother of us all is Nature,
The power of God through Grace.
The Mother we serve is Liberty,
That sacred right of the human race.
The Mother we honor is she who bore us,
Who drew milk from her own blood.

So on this day let us bow with reverence,
As grateful children should,
And respect our Mother Nature,
Pledging ourselves to Mother Liberty's light,
That the children of the mothers beside us
Can have a future which shines bright.”

“The way we are living on this planet, the way we are wasting the land, in one hundred years we will reach our doomsday. Life does not wait for manmade laws. Life is a vibration, only consciously lived, or unconsciously ignored.”

“Heaven is my father, Earth is my mother. My parents are alive and well. If they can take care of my cherry tree, they definitely take care of me.”

“This Earth needs the respect and the reverence and the sacredness to be treated as a Mother Earth, not a place to be exploited, misused, abused.”

“Every woman is living Mother Earth and she is responsible to God, because she is the Shakti, she is the creative power of the Creator.”

“When you touch your forehead to Mother Earth, you get the power from it.”

“When you grow up, folks, then the heavens and mother earth become your parents and they have to potty-train your mind. But you do not relate to nature, the heavens, nor Mother Earth. and that's why you are in trouble.”

“Bless the environments and Mother Earth and the institution which we believe in and our faith and our family and our children and our future. May God give us so much peaceful mind and tranquil behavior that we can deal with our life in a healthy, happy and a very holy way.” 

“Preserving energy is not a bad idea. Saving water is not a bad idea. Not polluting the environment is not a bad idea, Putting garbage everywhere is not a good idea, and polluting your mind and putting garbage in it is not a good idea. Putting your soul to a corner where it cannot even breathe is not a good idea.”

“If you live naturally, organically, then Mother Nature will serve you like your mother served you, and the Heavenly Father will serve you as your father did, protecting you to the last breath.”

“God is infinite, but Prakirti, Mother Nature, spares nothing, spanks everything. Because Prakirti, Mother of Time and Space, will never spare a human. No chance. No co-choice. Nothing. Good and bad is all the same.”

“I hope and pray you will be conscious, protect the Earth, Mother Earth, and that you will teach your children certain do's and don'ts to save tomorrow.”

"Let us honor our Mother for our own integrity and happiness. May we learn to serve and protect our Mother Earth with an open heart."

“We love our liberty, our sovereignty and our land very much. Therefore, we freely pollute it left and right. We are messing around faster than anything and we think it is our birthright. But now we are becoming conscious that we should leave something for tomorrow.”

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan