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Survive & Thrive with Maximum Vitality

Vitality is the key to not only surviving but thriving in these challenging times. As yogis, we have the tools to energize, balance and strengthen our nervous and glandular systems so that we can respond to life with consciousness—not react to life from fear.

Vitality depends on a strong Navel Point which gives us:

  • the ability to absorb and use prana in our breath, our food and our environments
  • efficient metabolism, digestion, and elimination
  • a strong and flexible spine
  • the capacity to relax and restore

Our culture would have us believe that vitality is essentially a quality of youth, something that can be regained with a pill or a diet or an exercise regimen. Instead, vitality is a state of consciousness. Vitality is an ease and flexibility found in our bodies and a strength found in our will.

We all need to be as vital as we can possibly be in order to serve and uplift ourselves and everyone around us. Vitality doesn't mean just energy, it also means:

  • a moral and ethical integrity that guides our identity and our decision-making 
  • a flexibility and tolerance that not only allows for differences but also forgives shortcomings 
  • a capacity for change that embraces the future with hope instead of succumbing to doubt or fear.

Vitality is a state of optimal performance: body, mind and soul. Vitality can be found in surrender—Bhakti. When we align our will with the Infinite, then we have access to the power of the Infinite—Shakti—and dwell in the flow of life.

As we transition to the Aquarian Age, the ability to surrender to the flow will make or break our capacity to respond effectively, because the pressures will only continue to increase.

Build your stamina, courage and strength, physically, mentally and spiritually so that you can meet the challenges of the times with grace and vitality!

Kriya for Inner Vitality and Stamina

Excerpts from Transformation vol. 1, available through KRI.