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Numerology for 2017 & the Month of January: Non-Stop Change

By Nam Hari Kaur

The calendar year of 2017 is ruffling its mighty feathers, and we are about to take off on a near non-stop flight of fast and furious change. The overall number for 2017 is a 10, and number 10 represents the dynamic of “All or Nothing!”

You will be feeling either “All in or all out,” in regards to your plans throughout the calendar year. Pace yourself, as number 10 represents the nervous system and our ability to maintain an even keel under pressure. Did I say pressure? Yes, there will be a quantum leap in the energetic frequency that is being experienced on planet Earth, and you need to be able to handle it.

From a yogic perspective, we must incorporate the Gift number for this year, which is an 8:

(Gift is 1+7=8). Number 8 is the Pranic Body and the breath, and using our breath through pranayam and exercise is how we can stay energized, focused, and balanced.

The meditation called “Caliber for Constant Self-Authority” is an excellent practice for this year. Number 10 represents authority, and we need to develop a self-awareness that allows us to decipher the right course of action. There is so much mis-information at every turn, that if you do not develop your own internal guidance system you are easy prey.

Number 10 is the archetype of the King, Queen, or Warrior. Many people will be feeling aggressive and worked-up over even the smallest of differences. There will, at times, be a palpable sense of force and aggression in the air. It is important not to get lured into a situation where you are going to get hurt because of someone else’s stupidity.

It is additionally important to counsel your children on how to handle a bullying situation. Children will often hide things as a coping mechanism against criticism and shame. It would be wise for parents to have a weekly check-in with their child, and see where they might need help.

With all the intensity of 2017 lining up, what can we do to channel this energy? I never thought I would find myself looking to the Kardashians for inspiration, yet, we are in amazing times! There is a new reality TV series coming out called, “Revenge Body.” It is a show that follows the journey of several people who “lost their edge” because someone close to them hurt their feelings.

Whether it’s the boyfriend that dumped her because she gained weight, or the person whose family always made fun of her body, it’s now time for revenge! This is revenge in a good way, as in challenging and changing one’s self through exercise, diet, and a new self-concept. I think this will be an exceptionally popular show. Go Khloe!

2017 will be quite the year for stellar advances in holistic medicine, religion and spirituality, as well as great leaps in science towards solutions for the environment. There is more than enough good to go around, the only catch is, will anyone try to mess it up by being a tyrant?

This is the inherent danger contained in the Negative polarity of the number 10. In the Positive polarity 10 is a kind, conscious, benevolent ruler. However, when it goes negative it can be tyrannical and willing to win at any cost. Let us pray for our world leaders, as one wrong push of a button can lead to a global catastrophe.

It may not be in your backyard, but just watch the Weather Channel to see which way the winds are blowing. Eventually we all are affected, whether it is through the air, water, or food production. We all are very much in this together now.

The Month of January

Looking now to the month of January, we have a numerical configuration that is perfectly aligned to allow us the best possible start in the New Year. The Heart number is a 9, giving us a depth of emotional insight into our deepest longing for real change and transformation.

The Base number is an 11, giving new opportunities in the area of elevated relationships and spiritual compatibility. The Asset number is a 9, by way of Significant number 18, which represents a humanitarian perspective with a willingness to work with others.

Another positive aspect of January, as well as 2017, is a super-enhanced ability to connect with new people of a similar caliber and interest. This is because the Gift number for 2017—the last 2 digits of the year—is an 8. Number 8 marks what is called “auspicious meetings with people.” This is a cycle of greater connectivity in the areas of business, creativity, romance, healing, and music.

If you have learned well the lessons of last year, the 9 year of completion and cleansing, then you are perfectly situated to move forward with a renewed spirit in January.

Working with your breath through pranayam is your insurance against falling into the failing patterns of the past. It might serve you well to make a short, personal, “Got It!” list. Write down a few things that you learned from 2016, and create a caption or slogan for each of them. Something like: “Don’t go for the Bait!” Or, “Meditate and Wait!” And, “I am Divinely Aligned; it all falls into place in perfect Time.”

A Warrior has a code, a personal code of honor, integrity and ethics that he or she lives by. This is the time to create your own code, how you live, how you roll. When you stand by your own standards, nothing can defeat you. Anyone’s life may have temporary set-backs, this is often how the Universe helps to prepare us for greater things.

Know that this is your time, your year, for goodness and greatness to come through you, and to come through for you. Heavens want to help you. Meditate and allow a space to receive what you need, thereby circumventing the hassles of the earthly existence. Sat Nam.

“There is only one thing we need: perpetual strength. It comes from intuition. Because imagination is imagination, intuition is the Truth.”
-Yogi Bhajan

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