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Featured Meditations

When practicing at home on your own, be sure to tune in with the Adi Mantra and follow the guidelines for Kundalini Yoga Meditation.


Kirtan Kriya

A Meditation for Couples: Kirtan Kriya to Clear the Clouds

25th Pauri of Japji: Bahuta Karam

Attitude of Gratitude Meditation

The Caliber Kriya

Get Stable—Anywhere

Gutka Kriya: Using the Magic Mantra as a Gutka to Reverse Negative Energy

Hast Kriya: Earth to Heavens

Basic Breath Series

Balancing the Nervous Energies (also known as Meditation for Hair-Trigger Efficiency)

Becoming Like Angels

Breath of Ten Meditation to Become Dis-Ease Free

Dhrib Dhrishti Lochina Karma—Meditation for Inspiring, Truthful, Deeply Penetrating Speech

Doei Ashtapad Jap Meditation for Healing

Ganpati Kriya for Prosperity 

Grace of God Meditation

Guru Ram Das Rhythmic Harmony for Happiness (video)

Healing Hands

Kriya for Healing Addictions

Kriya for Healing the Self

Learning to Bless

Long Ek Ong Kars (My Favorite Mantra)

Lotus Prayer for Prosperity and Projection unto Victory

Meditation for Absolutely Powerful Energy

Meditation for Atomic Radiation

Meditation for Becoming a Channel to Uplift Others in the Aquarian Age

Meditation for Couples

Meditation for Guidance

Meditation for Gurprasad

Meditation for Increased Energy

Meditation for Inner Conflict

Meditation for Keeping Up with the Times

Meditation for Prosperity II (with Tantric Har)

Meditation for Release of Cold Depression

Meditation for Royalty in Service to the Divine

Meditation for Solar Flares

Meditation for Stress and Sudden Shock

Meditation for the Fourth Chakra

Meditation for the Negative Mind

Meditation for the Neutral Mind

Meditation for the Positive Mind

Meditation for Wealth and Intuitive Opportunity

Meditation of Change

Meditation to Alleviate Stress

Meditation to Bring Prosperity into Your Life

Meditation to Build Intuition 

Meditation to Discover the Beauty and Heavens Within

Meditation to Experience the Gift of Life

Meditation to Heal a Broken Heart

Meditation to Prevent Burn-Out

Meditaton for the 7th and 8th Chakras (in 8 Languages) 

Peace Meditation #2

Pranayam to Boost Your Immune System

Prosperity Affirmation

Prosperity Meditation to Keep Up with the Times

Prosperity Meditations # 1 and #2

Ra Ma Da Sa Healing Meditation

Sending Healing Thoughts Meditation

Shabad Kriya for Deep Sleep and Radiance

Sixteen-Stroke Breath to Rebuild Health

Smiling Buddha Kriya (video) 

Stimulate Your Chakra System and Feel Wonderful

The Divine Shield Meditation for Protection and Positivity

The Guru Mantra: Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru

The Healing Ring of Tantra Meditation

The Healthy, Happy, Holy Breath

The Karma Completer

The 'Last Resort' Meditation

The Mantra for Miracles: Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur

The Old Gypsy Way of Calling on the Spirit

The Radiant Body: The Beauty of Every Woman

Three Meditations for Happiness

Tratakum Meditation

Two Venus Kriyas

Two-Part Meditation to Realize Your Grace and Rise Above Reflex Actions 

Meditiation on the Divine Mother-Adi Shakti

The Grace of God Meditation

 Kundalini Bhakti Meditation

Kundalini Bhakti Mantra audio

'Keep Up' Video: Connect and Reacharge with the Adi Shakti Energy

Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

Meditation to Experience the Essence of a Teacher

Meditation on Your Self as a Yogi

The Caliber of Life Meditation

Meditation to Open the Lock of the Heart

Meditation to Connect with the Self-Sensory System

Meditation to Strengthen the Nervous System

Meditation for Preventing Mega Information Syndrome

The 4 Stroke Breath to Build Intuition

Meditation to Develop the Frontal Lobe

Kundalini Yoga: Pranayam Cleansing Meditation

Aerobic Capacity & Efficency Meditation

Self-Care Breath Kriya

Bhoj Kriya: How to Eat Consciously for Good Health