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Focus on Giving

By Darshan Kaur Jessop

Let go of the ego and step into service. We can make a difference every day by acting from a place of authenticity and selflessness. Every moment we can leave our marks in the world by dropping fear and coming from a place of love.

Energy flows where thoughts go. There is also the saying that what goes around comes around, and another that says give and you shall receive. The basis of all of these is: that on which you center your attention, you bring to yourself.

Sometimes we think we can’t serve because we are too busy dealing with our own needs. If you are focused on what you need all the time, the Universe will focus on need, and neediness could become the predominant theme in your life.

Focus on giving however, and the Universe focuses on giving to you as well. Focus on what you can share (not what you will get back from sharing), and the Universe is focused on what it can share with you. If you can focus on serving, the Universe focuses on serving you.

We close ourselves to the gifts of the Universe through limiting how we think and on what we choose to focus. If we want to change this, one way we can do so is by taking conscious responsibility for our focus and our underlying thoughts. Then we can relax and serve in the secure knowledge that positive outcomes depend upon our willingness to live in the spirit of love, service, and hope.

Being able to serve someone is the highest seva (selfless service) and the highest love we can give. It is the highest love of a friend, it is the highest love of a lover—to serve the Soul, the Light of those around us, always giving them permission to shine their brightest, to live their highest and best lives, and to reach their highest destinies.

Darshan Kaur Jessop worked for Sikh Dharma International for 11 years, first as the Deputy Chief of Staff and then as the Director of Dasvandh. Her current venues are: Money Girl Consulting, Your Path to Prosperity Courses and Freelance Writing. She is a happy mom, writer, musician, and entrepreneur. She is the co-creator of Aquarian Wisdom Calendars and the Yogi Bhajan Every Day email service. For courses or consultations Darshan Kaur can be contacted at: [email protected]