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Global Meditations

"The greatest miracle is unity."
~Yogi Bhajan

Global Meditations bring us together as a worldwide spiritual community and provide the opportunity to make an impact through the power of our collective consciousness. Here we offer meditation and celebration ideas.

As a United Nations non-governmental organization, 3HO celebrates UN International Women's Day, International Mother Earth Day, and International Day of Peace with global meditations. We also celebrate the founding of 3HO, and observe and honor Yogi Bhajan's birthday and Guru Ram Das's birthday with global meditations that begin eleven days prior to the birthdays and end with special morning sadhanas on the day of birth.

On these special occasions we all meditate with the same intentions--for the dignity of all women, for the healing of Mother Earth, in gratitude for the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, for peace within and without, and in honor of Guru Ram Das. Our unified projection on each global meditation day enfolds the world and all humanity with the purity, power, and energy of our vibratory frequency. 

 Join together in community at a yoga center, ashram, or private home to practice this sacred technology.


3HO's Birthday: Healthy, Happy, Holy Day - January 5

International Women's Day - March 8

International Mother Earth Day - April 22

Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday Anniversary - August 16 - 26

International Day of Peace - September 21

Guru Ram Das Ji’s Birthday Anniversary - September 28 - October 9

Day of Compassion and Service - The Birthday of Guru Ram Das - Oct 9

2018 Solstice Sadhana