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Numerology Forecast for April 2010: Time for Sadhana

By Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa, California, USA

When life is applied, life is supplied by God. --Yogi Bhajan

The month of April invites us to explore some of the more intense dimensions of our inner emotional landscape. The fire energy will be quite strong at this time and fire relates to the emotions of anger and rage, while at the same time offering the opportunity to cleanse out old resentments of the past. Finding the right words to speak may be difficult at times, yet it is essential to talk out your issues or the intensity will find other ways of expressing itself. It may take the form of an emotional volcano spewing out lava that moves in a mindlessly destructive mass of rage without reason.

You can avoid this drama in one of two different ways. Don't go outside the entire month, or, develop your intuition and sensory field to the point you can feel the wave before it hits. The animal kingdom is still in tune with the shifts of nature and changes in the weather, and they all maneuver accordingly. We as humans have lost some of our sensory awareness due to cell phones, Wi-Fi, bad eating habits, and emotional stress in the workplace and relationships. Have you ever seen two robins fighting over their calling plan and who used up all the minutes? No, of course not. They have a natural harmonious attunement which stems from living in balance with all that is around them. For those of us living in the big city, we must find a way to rebalance everyday for harmony and stability.

The mantra of the month is Humee Hum Brahm Hum, which should be chanted at least 11 minutes a day. It means: "We are we, we are God." This mantra strengthens the electromagnetic field of our psyche and helps to prevent other people's weirdness from getting in. While speaking with someone, you will be able to sense where the conversation is going, and know if you need to make an exit to avoid a concealed agenda. This type of verbal Tai Chi can save you from getting trapped in a commitment you never really intended to make. Other people's desperation can drain you, so take the high road by saying a prayer for them while keeping your own house clean.

There are five pivotal days this month: the 3rd, 12th, 13th, 21st, and 30th. Misunderstandings will abound on these days because of a unique configuration of double 13's in the sub-layers of the cycle. Thirteen is the number of deception and betrayal, and when it is in the negative polarity there will be an emotional tendency for people to hear what they want to hear, rather than what is really being said. The shocked response, "But you said!" will be echoing off the bruised emotions of humanity, while the messenger stands in total disbelief. This can be avoided by going over the original communication twice in the present moment, or by getting things in writing. In the positive polarity, 13 is "The Power of the Word," which means that what you say will happen. This is a uniquely effective month for mantra and manifestation through prayer. Everything must be taken to the higher sphere or dimension; there is no middle ground at this time. If you have ever been forced to play the barbaric game of dodge-ball in grade school, you may well remember what it's like to get stuck between two inert classmates who don't have the agility to respond quickly enough to the changing game, and there you are trapped by their energy field. Now you get the picture!

An attitude of good sportsmanship will help to smooth out the ripples in another person's mind. Even posing the question, "What do you think is fair?" can save you from having to backtrack and do a lot of repair work. Exactly what is fair may be difficult to agree on at this time, therefore repeated discussion and dialogue is one way to avoid settling upon a decision that may have to be dismantled later because of hidden discontent. Creating a mutual sound current, that is, chanting any mantra together for II minutes will help to dissipate the static that may hinder reconciliation. When we are in the same key there is less conflict.As Yogi Bhajan said, "Once you think that everything is a gift of God, whether it's great or small, good or bad, then you take your judgment out, you take your troubles out. Without you, trouble doesn't exist. If you do not welcome the trouble and do not participate, confront, counter, and enlarge it, then it will go."

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