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The Yoga of Awareness and the Path of the Seeker

By Karta Purakh


Question: What is your experience of Kundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness? 

What has it given you and where has it taken you? 

Answer: Kundalini Yoga took me over the hump to a lighter, brighter place. And it remains a tool to tune up my energy bodies and strengthen my space and presence. When I was ready, kundalini appeared, and then I appeared every morning to rise with the serpent within.

Kundalini yoga strengthened me, grew me, and confronted me. It even shocked me like the bolt of Shiva and left me wandering around barefoot in bliss speaking of the meaninglessness of what I had been calling my life. Eventually through this, kundalini taught me the dangers of my ego and sent me back to appreciate what was important in my life.

Today I sit and breathe and immediately feel the workings of kundalini, which offers me unconditional tune ups so I can sustain my honor as I go about my days on this busy, revolving planet.


Question: What is your experience of Sikh Dharma, the Path of the Seeker? 

What has it given you and where has it taken you? 

Answer: I have been this seeker my whole life and when I first heard and read Japji, I found my heart’s journey mapped and drawn out with a spiraling energy that connected my crown to the truth. When sitting to read Paath my landscape would disappear and I found myself levitating in a field of white amongst the purity of all that is in the highest.

How can I describe that vehicle that takes me to the infinite space contained in all? It is Gurbani which sings my heart and beats my tongue. It takes me to the heart of the Guru, elevates me to a higher guidance and state of being.