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August 2010 Numerology Forecast: Fly Above the Turbulence with Ong Sohung

By Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa, California, USA

The month of August is a time of deep emotional longing and a desire to connect with others so we may feel loved and appreciated. Any situation where we are rejected or neglected will cause an intense emotional pain and reaction. The scope of people's sensitivity will at times reach a childlike fervor evident in a lack of maturity and in aggressive physical behavior. This reaction and expression will play itself out in scenarios of possessiveness to the point of rage if you challenge an individual's emotional turf. Have you ever seen a child who's just had his/her pacifier taken away? Now you get the picture!

The river may be raging; however we need not get caught up in all the current events. By resting lightly on the water we can maneuver through any white water rapids coming our way. By not reacting we conserve our precious energy resources. The number 8 of this month represents issues of power, finances, and fearlessness. There will be many plays for power on a global scale, including dealing with results from the abuse of power. Every stem has a root, and some of the roots will be revealed during this time.

The dramatic and pressing questions of the Gulf oil spill will be more intensely explored, including the lagging response for compensation in certain affected areas. It's going to be a hot summer on more than one level. We will further be asking ourselves why we have been tolerating the imbalance or abuse of power in our relationships, and in the classic scene from the 1976 movie "Network," a woman sticks her head out of a NYC apartment and screams, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!" Watch for this phenomenon coming to a window near you! (You can watch the film clip on We can only bear so much injustice before we or a system begins to break down, and the month of August is a "straw that broke the camel’s back" season of time.

We as a humanity are facing increasing upset and turmoil; many response teams are being pressed to the limit. Self-reliance is one of the greatest assets you can develop within yourself. There can be evolving situations where for a stretch of time you are on your own. How will you find your way? When a baby eagle is born there is a fluid which surrounds the eyes that later hardens into part of the supportive eye structure. This membrane carries within it a "geographical intelligence" chip which gives the adult eagle the ability to find its way back home even when traveling from vast distances. Keyed into the bird’s sensory awareness is the longitude and latitude of its birth place, and if the bird begins to get off track when returning home, it will experience a dull throbbing sensation until it corrects its course of flight. Would you like to go home? We all long for that warm and cozy place where we can rest our head and feel safe and secure. Our souls long to go home after this life and be reunited in the love of the Divine. As we are all moving through this unique time and space on planet Earth, it is important to develop our own sensory system so the journey may be joyful. The wear and tear incurred by sending our soul on a forced march to an emotional mirage, which evaporates in the heat of reality, carries too high a price these days. Loving yourself enough to say "No!" to that which is draining or demeaning is the first step towards opening a space in your life for that which is nurturing and abundant. The mantra, "Ong Sohung" is the way to keep your internal compass clear this month. Yogi Bhajan has said that correctly chanting this mantra for 3 to 5 minutes is enough to redirect the flow of the psyche towards the Infinite. Flying above the turbulence is ideal, as the effects of emotional wind shear will cause too much pain and suffering. So take out that spiritual flight insurance before you start your day, and you'll always know the way!

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