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April Numerology Forecast: Reset Yourself for these Accelerating Times

By Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa, California, USA

The month of April brings a time of spiritual, mental, and emotional recalibration. We need to reset our psyche towards true North, or true Spirit, in order to maintain a consistent and steady course of action which will bring the best results. This is the time to ask yourself the questions, "Are my actions in accord with my higher self, and am I using my energy wisely?" Our personal energy is the most precious resource we have, and when maintained consciously it will yield the greatest harvest. The seeds of good works and higher intentions planted now can bring about a bumper crop of abundance in autumn, which is traditionally known as "harvest time." In our modern culture we are so used to being able to "order up" almost anything 24/7, that we forget the natural rhythm and order of the Earth. We plant, maintain, water, weed, and then, at the right time, harvest our original seeds of inspiration. The effort and sweat of your own brow makes the fruit of success even sweeter.

We are presently in a false energy paradigm where, by accelerating everything, we are seduced into believing we will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have our triple macchiato double foam latte, sitting next to our 4G warp-drive, hyper-speed internet connection; while listening to a message on our cell phone marked "urgent." Who can keep up anymore? This is why there is presently so much breakdown within our culture and society.

Humans were not designed to relentlessly perform at such a frenetic pace. Even a pinball machine—when overworked—will hit "tilt" mode, and totally shut down.

One way you can enrich and empower your personal planting season is to do an 11-minute pranayam (breath meditation) for 40 days. The manual Praana Praanee Praanayam is a “meditative bible” that is full of easy to advanced yogic breathing exercises. It is one of the best publications of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings, and is a spiritual life-preserver in these times. The breath is our storehouse of energy and reserve strength. A particularly potent kriya to do this month is the meditation, “For Powerful Energy” on page 42 of the aforesaid manual, using the mantra “Hummee Hum, Braham Hum” (We are we, we are God). It is simple, charming, and enchanting, and will entirely shift your energy in just 8 minutes. We have the ability to be our own back-up system, and this is necessary from now till future times.

Looking again at our present month of April, the number 8 is in the sub layers of the monthly cycle. However, it is in a “static interlock,” which means that all issues having to do with power and boundaries are challenged. You will notice this especially while driving your car, or even looking for a parking space. Don’t let yourself get pulled into a “psychic duel” with another person, regardless of what the issue or environment may be. Is it really worth getting into an accident over who gets to the red light first? The greater potential problem of this month is not the original altercation, but what can happen while you are so distracted with making sure someone else doesn’t “win.” Using the driving example again, you may charge ahead to cut someone off because they just cut you off; and in the process you don’t notice the car ahead of you hitting their brakes, and you end up smashing into them. And just guess whose fault it is.

We are shifting into a new rhythm in the unfolding of time itself. It is called “jump time,” which means we can suddenly find ourselves accelerated forward into circumstances we did not see coming, or did not have the ability to anticipate. This “jump time” effect can also be highly positive. It will often be a combination of consciousness and intention which determines where you land.

This may sound like science fiction, however it’s not. It is also not something to be afraid of, as our higher self does have the ability to navigate these situations, even though the emotions may have a different response. The trick is to develop yourself to the point where you instinctively go to your higher self for the answers, and not the repetitive pattern of your emotionally chaotic self. The breath is the answer.

Now is the time to re-set yourself to a rhythm which reflects self-love. Four (April) is the number of the Heart Center, the domain of kindness and compassion. Self kindness is actually the first step towards healing our planet. In this month of April you can lovingly plant the seeds of self enrichment, knowing that a harvest time of good fortune will come to fruition in the future.

"Wisdom is a process of self-involvement to guide our own self fearlessly and flawlessly. You have to develop that process.” -Yogi Bhajan

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