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Forgive Your Earthly Mother

By Catalyst Yogi

“90% of our problems would disappear if we could just forgive our earthly mother and earthly father” -Yogi Bhajan

When I first learned of this teaching by Yogi Bhajan, I immediately started to refer to both of my parents as my earthly mother and earthly father. The power of using these words alone helped free up a lot of childhood baggage that I had been carrying into adulthood.

The role of the healthy and healed earthly mother is to welcome you to the planet when you incarnate. Through her love and presence she shows you that you are safe here on planet earth—that your basic needs of food, water and shelter will be covered. The earthly mother gives you a deep trust in your own physical body. You relax and feel comfortable in your own skin. You have a deep sense of belonging to this creation. From the child's perspective, the mother is the GODDESS who anticipates and fulfills their every need.

However, many of us—as children born into the Piscean Age—have had a different experience with our mothers. Motherhood has not been valued nor supported in our world. Most mothers feel insecure and fearful in their ability to raise a healthy child. So the Piscean child grows up and inevitably unconsciously transfers our relationship with our earthly mother onto our relationship with our true mother—Mother Earth.

For example, if our earthly mother was distrustful that the world would provide for her basic physical needs, she will pass this fear on to her child. If she did not feel comfortable in her own skin and was filled with worry and anxiety, she will send the message to the child that, “It is not safe here, and you do not belong here.”

This creates adults who do not trust Mother Earth and who feel alienated and separate from the creation. These false beliefs live in the deep recesses of the unconscious mind.

If you do not trust, with every cell of your being, that Mother Earth will nurture and sustain you, then you must go back to the source. If you have a deep mistrust of women in your life; if you reject your own feminine nature whether you are a male or female; if deep down you feel alienated like you don't belong in this world, then you must forgive your earthly mother.

This is the key to unlocking the door to a deeper understanding of your higher purpose in this lifetime. To forgive her is to see her with the neutral eyes of the yogi. She is human and did the best she could with her level of consciousness at the time. To forgive is to see her as a fellow Soul with her own karmas and destiny. To forgive is to allow yourself to feel the unconditional love that you carried as a child for your earthly mother.

Give the gift of forgiveness to your mother—not only to release you both from this negative soul pattern, but to help heal the world of our deep fear of Mother Earth. In the Aquarian Age we must fully incarnate into our physical bodies, and this means to relax in the knowingness that we are all the children of Mother Earth and we are safe to be here.

Meditation to Let Go of the Past and Forgive

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