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Men’s Wisdom Circles

By Bhagwant Singh

The Men’s Wisdom Circles at Winter and Summer Solstice Sadhanas have been offered for about 20 years. Jot Singh, GuruGanesha Singh and I were the ‘instigators.’ Currently Sopurkh Singh facilitates them.

Guru Ram Das chanting sets the tone as people enter and join. Then we begin with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo.

There are some guidelines we agree to at the beginning of our circle gathering—confidentiality is one.

We use a talking stick to indicate speakers. The stick starts in the middle. Someone picks it up to speak, speaking from the first person singular rather than “we” or “you”; speaking to the group rather than starting a personal conversation with anyone; and speaking of personal experience without preaching or teaching.

The biggest practice is open listening and not responding with solutions, approvals, suggestions, or answers.

We end with Long Time Sunshine and a long Sat Nam.

Join us at Winter Solstice this year!