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Radioactive Love

By Haribhajan/Catalyst Yogi

“There is something called radioactive love. It kills either way. It's a love of non-reality based on a subconscious romance which will never be practical. People chase it to their death...The unfortunate part is, they're innocent. They are possessed. They have a very powerful imagination in the subconscious and that is what they call love. It comes from a basic childhood anger.” -Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan told us that in the Aquarian Age we will see the nature of relationships drastically changing and we will see less and less marriages as we would no longer need to experience the polarity of the genders.[1] In the Aquarian Age, we are evolving to become more and more self-sovereign—whole and complete onto ourselves. We are being called to merge our own internal masculine (sun) and feminine (moon) energies.

This transition for humanity will not come without growing pains as we need to let go of a lot of false conditioning regarding relationships. In the Piscean Age, we have been conditioned to falsely believe that real love means the other person is a cardboard cut-out without any needs of their own and whose sole existence is to fulfill our every need. When we do enter relationship, this illusion quickly dissolves after a few months or sooner!

I recently watched a mainstream movie called Don Jon. This movie tapped into a truth about the illusions of love between men and women in our present age. The origin of these false images lives within the subconscious mind. There is a whole fantasy world that exists within the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the recorder and container of our actions, words, and thoughts. All of our conditioning we received from our family of origin, educational system, religion, and society live here.

For example, the relationship image some women hold is that of the white knight and project this on to their partner. The fantasy is that he pays constant attention to her, admires her, showers her with compliments, does anything to “prove he loves her,” and takes care of all her emotional and practical needs. This false image is created in childhood and is rooted in anger at not having a need met through her absent father—either physically or emotionally. In order to cope, her subconscious mind created this fantasy image that is continually sought after but never reached, creating pain in her psyche.

The male, on the other hand only wants peace. His false image is that he wants a fantasy woman who will not disturb this peace but who is available to meet his every need without complaint or hesitation. When he is confronted by reality that the real woman in his life is not following his subconscious script – he will lash out in anger. This is also rooted in childhood anger at not having a need met through his smothering or absent mother.

So in the Aquarian Age we are being called to mature into our spiritual adulthood which means emotional self-reliance. We must nurture and take care of our own needs. The intense relationship conflicts that we are now experiencing are only showing us that we each are responsible for our own selves.

So take some time and reflect on your childhood to examine what needs were not met for you. For example, did your father or mother never praise you for your accomplishments or comfort you when you were upset? Now give these needs to yourself—pat yourself on the back when there is a victory or emotionally comfort yourself when you are sad. The Aquarian Age is about re-parenting yourself and not expecting others to do this work for you.

When we become self-reliant, love ourselves, and let go of these subconscious projections, only then will we experience real Love. You will then realize the Truth—that you are Infinite Love and that this Love naturally overflows from you to everyone around you. You will love and accept the other person for who they are and not what your ego demands them to be. You will consciously choose to walk side by side with your partner into the Aquarian Age, not from a place of ego need but from a true place of the heart.

Here is a powerful meditation left to us by Yogi Bhajan:

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for Releasing Childhood Anger

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[1] "But the time is changing, and people are looking towards fulfillment of the self through purity and piety, individuality, and reality. They don’t want to practice duality anymore; that’s why you will find few marriages. Sex will not be the attraction. A Sensory System will develop, a new system where the individual will find him or herself complete." –Aquarian Teacher Training Manual, p. 7.