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Waiting for You: A Poem by Yogi Bhajan

By Yogi Bhajan from The Game of Love

It’s a long way to go.

Time is moving very slow.

Stars are shining very strong.

Guiding my way, so nothing goes wrong.

You are still far away,

Like the Milky Way.

I see you in me.

You want to be.

Light in you and Light in me,

Makes me you and you as me.

We unite alright,

To fight the dark,

Like Noah’s Ark.

Long way to go,

Unknown only knows.

Light in you, Light in me,

Make us one with the One to be.

In time and space,

In the new human race,

We will shine as a guiding star,

Some very near some very far.

The long way has ended.

With One I have blended,

Waiting for you.