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Reflect that the Other is You

By Arjan Kaur

Once upon a time there was a distance between you and me. Now the times have changed and there is no distance. It's as if you are holding a mirror and in this reflection you are seeing your brothers and sisters. How can you believe that you are separate when the person standing next to you is a unique creation, just as you are?

We forget that the creator took this time to bless us all to be a part of this universe that exists once again, to reflect on one another through love and grace. We have within us the ability to uplift, project kindness, and be the rock that another can lean on.

Open your hearts to see the others as yourself. You may not look the same, but within is the soul that stands knowing life's preciousness and glory. Each breath is a moment to observe: WE ARE ALL ONE, sharing the sustaining breath of life, in oneness, eternal and whole.